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IoT Development Platform

IoT Development Platform

Plug and Play IoT - Mobile ready - Platfor for inventors and develoeprs.

Mobile Ready

Mobile Ready

SDK to quick develop and deply your own app in day NOT in months. Don't have an app, no problem, use our generic app to test your IoT functionality.

Secure Communicaiton

Secure Communicaiton

If any one tells you SSL is good enoguh, you know better! We use solid patents pending security between IoT and Cloud as well as Could to Mobile/Web app.

API driven

API Driven

You can build a prototype in less than a week. When you are finished, develope your producition applicaiton in weeks and deploy using our SDK, embided ofcourse, with no lock-ins.


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Byte Coins

December 2013

School Plus

Jan 2015

Outpatient Plus

June 2015

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